Sprint-signBack in September 2013, Sprint announced their One Up program which basically joined the likes of carriers such as AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile in allowing their customers to upgrade their smartphones mid-contract, as opposed to having to wait until the end. This made Sprint the last of the major carriers to offer this service, but it seems that the program was not a success, at least not to Sprint, which is why the carrier has announced that they will be putting an end to their One Up program, making them the first of the major carriers to do so. According to Sprint’s support page, it states that the carrier had actually retired the program last week on the 9th of January, which was also the same information relayed to customers who enquired about it.

Instead, according to Sprint’s support page, the carrier seems to direct customers to their Sprint Framily Plan which to be honest is nothing like its One Up plan, simply because it does not seem to offer customers an option to upgrade early to a newer handset. In the past we have seen how carriers have decided to do away with it device subsidies, stating that subsidies are just not financially maintainable in the long run. No doubt upgrading to a newer handset mid-contract will be costly to carriers so we have to wonder if that is the reason Sprint has axed its program, or if they will be reworking it and re-introducing it at a later date. Anyone bummed that the One Up program has been retired?

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