star-google-contactGoogle has done it again – by making life easier whenever you are using their products or services. It seems that you can now star your Google Contacts, in the same vein as to how you place a star on important messages in your Gmail inbox. Once you have starred the different individuals in your Google Contacts list, these contacts will automatically be placed into the “Starred” group, allowing you to look up their information in a jiffy without having to scroll through a particular list. Android users will see their Starred contacts remain synchronized with their Android Favorites, too.

Google knows that the only way to remain at the top is to keep on moving forward, just like any other high flying company out there. After all, if you were to remain where you are, others would eventually overtake your position. Having said that, do you like how Google has, over the years, started to integrate more and more of their services together in an effort to make life easier for you? The thing about Google’s products and services now is, it can be pretty difficult trying to keep one service separate from another, but other folks do seem to love this all encompassing idea. I guess there are always two sides to a coin – which side are you on? [Google+ Page]

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