RhinoDrones, for the most part, have been thought of as instruments for spying and war, but they can be used for many different things as well, such as delivery of goods which is what Amazon had in mind, and they can also be used for good as well, which is what a startup company has done when they have designed drones meant to protect endangered animals from poachers. Let’s face it, animals in the wild are being hunted for all sorts of reasons. For food, for sport, for money, etc., which is why San Francisco startup Airware have announced that they have successfully managed to run a field trial at the Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya in which their drones have been used to protect endangered black and white rhinos from poachers.

Basically what the drones do is that they can cover the air which provides for a wider viewing angle, compared to more traditional patrolling methods which involves driving around in a jeep. The drones are equipped with infrared cameras for nighttime videos and electro-optical cameras during the day, which allows them to spot poachers from far off distances, such as the camp fire of a poacher, for example. The trial has been met with success and the conservancy appears to be pleased by their efforts, so with that being said, could this usher in a new era of anti-poaching methods?

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