valve-steam-prototype-specsSteam is available pretty much around the world as long as you have an internet connection. However if there is one drawback is that Steam does not accept currencies all over the world just yet, meaning that if you live in a country such as Australia or New Zealand, you will be subject to the whims of the foreign exchange market where currency rates fluctuate on a daily basis, or per minute basis if you fancy yourself a trader. In any case it can get pretty expensive especially if your currency is not as strong as others, but the good news is that during Steam’s Dev Day event, it was announced that Valve will be accepting additional currencies on top of what is being accepted right now.

According to the announcement, Steam will now accept Australian dollars, Canadian dollars, the Indonesian rupiah, the Japanese yen, the New Zealand dollar, Malaysian Ringgit, Mexican peso, Philippines peso, the Singaporean dollar, the South Korean won, Thai baht, and the Ukrainian Hryvna. This will be joining the Brazilian Real, British pounds, Euros, and the Russian ruble. Like we said this should help stabilize the prices but not necessarily making them cheaper either as publishers will still have to adjust the prices manually.

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