China’s smartphone market is catered to by a plethora of local vendors who are even giving the global behemoths, Apple and Samsung, a run for their money. These local vendors rarely sell their phones outside the country and they’re obviously not well known particularly in the West. There is one company though that has captured Western media’s attention. Often referred to as the Apple of China, Xiaomi makes some of the most popular smartphones in China and is now looking into global expansion, which it has tasked to ex-Googler Hugo Barra. Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak recently visited the company’s headquarters in the People’s Republic, and even revealed that he owns a Mi3 smartphone.

Hugo Barra posted a picture of Wozniak on stage at Xiaomi’s New Year celebration in Beijing. Barra quotes Wozniak as saying that its “very emotional” for him to be a part of Xiaomi now, he’s actually referring to the fact that he owns a Mi3. The co-founder also offered pearls of wisdom, “always make sure your products are better than what any other human being could make,” he preached. Its certainly something to boast about for Xiaomi, gaining the attention of someone highly regarded in the global tech community, and having him reveal that he uses their product.

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Key SpecsXiaomi Mi 3
Status Released
Resolution 1920x1080
Display Diagonal 5"
Processor/Soc Name Snapdragon 801, 4-core, 2.3 GHz
Max. Total Storage Capacity 64 GB
Megapixels 13 MP
Battery Capacity (mAh) 3050 mAh
Street Price $310
Complete product data Xiaomi Mi 3 Full specs
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