john-legereWhen it comes to getting consumers to switch from a different carrier, T-Mobile has not been shy and has actually been pretty damn aggressive. Their latest offer, Uncarrier 4.0, will actually pay customers to switch from major carriers and onto theirs. T-Mobile will not only pay you for your old phone, but will also pay your early termination fees, all of which could add up to about $650 if you’re lucky. Now the bad news is that this is only for major carriers, but according to T-Mobile, they told the folks at Re/code that they plan to loosening their requirements in the future and extend that offer to smaller carriers, such as US Cellular being one of them.

In fact they are so aggressive to the point where they will take in any phone, regardless whether it is in a working condition or not. Naturally phones not working will fetch a much lower price, but it is a good way to shave off a couple of bucks here and there, and put your old broken phone to good use. Naturally investors are worried since this would ultimately affect T-Mobile’s bottom line, although the carrier expects that this will most likely pay off in the long-run, and also the fact that not every customer will be getting the maximum payout of $650. Like we said it’s pretty aggressive, although we’re sure some would call it desperate, but what do you guys think?

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