tao_wellshell[CES 2014] 2014 is upon us and we’re sure many of you guys have good intentions for the year and have probably created resolutions such as getting more exercise. That’s easier said than done, especially if you’re busy and travel a lot, but that’s the exact problem that Tao is hoping to tackle with the WellShell, a mouse-shaped device (pictured above) that allows the user to basically exercise wherever and whenever they want! Stuck in the office all night? No problem! Stuck in a 20 hour flight? Done! Stuck in a traffic jam? Sure, why not (although highly unrecommended!).

Basically how the WellShell allows you to work out is through isometric exercising, which is by applying pressure which is said to improve strength, muscle tone, and even circulation. Available with an accompanying app that is compatible with both iOS and Android devices, all the user has to do is hold the device in their hands, knees, thighs, follow the instructions on the app, and just push! Other features of the WellShell include the ability to track other biometrics, such as calorie intake, steps taken, heart rate, and more. We can’t speak for its effectiveness but it does sound like an intriguing product. Pricing was not mentioned but the Tao WellShell is expected to be available later this fall.

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