lumolift-640x369Sitting in the chair or on the couch all day is definitely not conducive to good posture. Sure there are ergonomic chairs but even then those chairs can only do so much as it is really up to us to correct our own posture. But isn’t that what technology is for? Well for those looking for a more hi-tech way of correcting your posture, a device called the Lumo Lift will be more than happy to lend you a hand. Put together by the same company who debuted the LUMOback in 2013, the Lumo Lift does the same thing, except that it comes in a less bulky and less obvious form factor, unless of course you relish the idea of having a band strapped to your waist all day.

So how does this work? Well by clipping to your clothing, the sensors in the Lumo Lift will be able to tell whether your shoulders and head are kept up straight, as opposed to slouching forwards which seems to be pretty common, and a pretty bad habit at that too. The Lumo Lift can also be used for exercise as it will be able to correct your yoga poses as well, thanks to its built-in sensors. Other features include the ability to track the number of steps along with the number of calories burnt, and an accompanying iOS app will let you know if you have improved over time. Priced at $59 per unit, you will be able to pretty-order the Lumo Lift today but expect delivery to happen in the spring of 2014.

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