There was one point in time where the arrow was considered to be the greatest advancement in human weaponry, but fast forward a couple of centuries, we are now able to launch missiles from any part of the world at a single touch of a button, and now in the personal defense department, a company has invented a new bullet that can be fired from handguns that will exit the chamber as a single round, but also has the ability to split itself into four connected parts, meaning that even if you’re a terrible aim, chances of you hitting your target has dramatically increased.

Called the Mi-Bullet, it has been likened to a multi-pellet buckshot found in shotguns, but instead of a seemingly random spray of pellets, the Mi-Bullet will expand itself to a pre-determined diameter of 14-inches when fired from handguns. There will also be a shotgun version which will split into into a diameter of 24-inches, more or less guaranteeing that you will hit your target, although whether it will be a lethal shot will depend. While we don’t necessary advocate gun violence, we have to admit that it is a pretty clever design, with its manufacturer planning on shipping a non-lethal version, a semi-lethal version, and a lethal version.

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