If you have ever watched The Walking Dead or played Telltale’s version of the game, you know that there are times when tough decisions have to be made for the greater good. Given that we aren’t in those situations ourselves, it’s easy to judge and say that a character should have done this, should not have done that, and so on. Well apparently the ethical conundrum is prevalent enough in the game where it is actually being used to teach a class on ethics in a high school in Norway.

Like we said since we aren’t in a zombie apocalypse situation (yet), it’s hard to imagine how difficult it will be to make an ethical decision, even though it might seem wrong on the surface, but the students who participated in the game and played it in class for two weeks admittedly that they came across ethical dilemmas they would not have thought about otherwise. Polls are then taken when decisions are made (anonymously) to see which choices are the most popular, and then discuss the results. Ultimately students claimed that this method allowed them to better engage and remember the different ethical models.

Norwegian news outlet, NRK.no, recorded a segment of students participating in the class, a video which has since gone online with subtitles that you can check out in the video above. What do you guys think of this teaching model? Pretty cool, huh?

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