Do you think that self-driving cars would one day be so popular, that there is no need for one to actually own a driving license any more? I guess a whole lot of it really depends on the situation, but one thing is for sure – cars do seem to be getting smarter and smarter in this day and age. In fact, a team of engineering students over in India who happen to be working on a project over at the Mount Zion College of Engineering and Technology have decided to develop a thought-controlled car. Yes sir, you can feel all smug as though you were Professor Xavier himself, as this small van has been transformed into a thought controlled vehicle using off the shelf parts.

One of the most essential part of this particular ride would be the Emotiv EEG headset which would function as a controller. Needless to say, this is one concept that will take years of refinement before it is actually safe to be unleashed on our roads, considering how easily distracted we can get these days. Imagine driving using your brain when you start to think about work or a personal relationship issue that needs looking into – how will the car be able to know which part of your thought process is used for driving, and the other to head to the nearest flower shop to purchase a bunch of roses?

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