akbank_direkt_appBank apps are a dime a dozen and to be honest there’s really nothing overly special about them. For the most part they do as advertised, which is to manage your online bank accounts, transfer funds, make payments, and so on, but over in Turkey, it seems that one particular bank, Akbank, is hoping to shake things up a bit with the inclusion of augmented reality in their bank app for Windows Phone. Yup, you read that right, a bank app is about to include augmented reality, making it possibly one of the coolest bank apps we’ve heard about to date!

So what’s with the augmented reality? What can it be used for? Well ever had to look for a nearby ATM? Granted most banks offer that service but usually in the form of a map, which to be honest might be tricky especially since unlike bank branches, ATMs can be somewhat inconspicuous, meaning you could walk by and not even notice it is there. Well with Akbank’s augmented reality app, it shows you (screenshot above) where nearby ATMs are in relation to you, providing a more pin-point accurate method of tracking down the nearest ATM. Unfortunately we do not live in Turkey so we cannot try out the app for ourselves, but we have to admit it is a pretty cool idea.

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