robot-arm-drinksRemember Dummy, the robotic arm from the Iron Man movies? Well, don’t you think that it would be cool if you had something like that in real life helping you out throughout your entire day? The uArm robot from China could very well be the answer to this particular question, as it is capable of pouring you a drink, fetching some stationery, not to mention play music. Retailing for £168 a pop, the uArm robot can be controlled using a computer mouse, where it will arrive in wood and acrylic designs.

If you have noticed, we did mention that the uArm robot is capable of playing music – the xylophone, to be exact. This small industrial desk robot would be considered as a success by its inventors if it were to find its way onto every single office desk out there. Just how does the uArm robot work? You will first need to program it to perform tasks using x,y and z coordinates, where it is dexterous enough to move business cards as well as pour liquids, and when used in a bunch, they could end up as a pretty efficient production line – assuming the algorithm provided is rock solid, of course. Now, if only the uArm robot can be programmed to do your handwritten homework without the teacher knowing who wrote it…

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