ultra-sf-iv-youtubeAren’t you extremely glad that you are able to record gameplay in this day and age, so that the stories that you regale to your mates about getting that impossible frag can be proven instead of being accused of fabrication? Also, those crazy, perfectly timed moves in beat ‘em ups like Ultra Street Fighter IV should be shared with the rest of the world. Capcom has made life a whole lot easier for all of your joystick maestros out there by introducing the ability to upload online matches to YouTube directly.

You will be able to pick from any match from your battle log of online matches, and pick whether you would like to upload it in low or high quality, straight to your own YouTube channel. It could be your best comeback ever, or perhaps in one of those rare, button mashing moments, you actually managed to beat the crap out of a far higher ranked opponent. It does not matter – what matters most is, the world will get to see just how you managed to pull it off. Capcom claims that this great feature is not the last that you will hear about Ultra Street Fighter IV when it comes to improvements, so we’re keeping our fingers crossed. [Press Release]

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