minecraft-unoffWho would have thought that a game such as Minecraft would eventually become so popular? Well, that is what happened to Minecraft, which actually costs more than the usual $1 game on mobile platforms. Having said that, there might be some people who would take the chance of playing with an unofficial version of Minecraft: Pocket Edition, and this story would target just such a crowd. Apparently, Minecraft: Pocket Edition scammers have rolled out an unofficial version of the app which is capable of hacking your handset, where it will be followed by sending costly premium-rate messages from your account.

According to the web security firm known as F-Secure, they have already issued a warning in which the unofficial build of Minecraft: Pocket Edition is currently going for €2.50 a pop, whereas the official build is slightly more than double the amount at €5.40 a pop, first appearing on Russian app stores. This unofficial app will still sport the real Minecraft game as a cover, but it has another added permission: android.permission.SEND_SMS, alongside a modified payment system. In a nutshell, this app is able to send texts on your behalf to premium-rate numbers, and this could end up as a pretty ugly scenario at the end of the month. Again, this goes to show how getting legit apps working is so important.

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