valve-steam-os-betaValve’s Steam has to be one of the biggest and more popular gaming platforms at the moment for PC gamers, but how big and how popular are we talking about? Well making an announcement at Valve’s Steam Dev Days, the company revealed that the amount of active users on Steam has risen to a whopping 75 million users, which is a huge jump from the 65 million users that Valve reported on back in October. According to Valve, they managed to achieve this 15% hike in active users thanks to the holiday season which saw Steam hold sale events such as Pre-Holiday and Holiday sales, causing users to sign up and purchase games at a discount.

According to the breakdown, Steam’s largest sales revenue came from North America which contributed about 41% in sales, followed by Europe who came in a close second with 40% contribution. While countries like Russia and Brazil did not contribute much, they had the largest year-over-year growth with sales experiencing an increase of 128% and 75% respectively. These are some pretty impressive numbers and with Steam Machines expected to go on sale later this year, we can only assume that those numbers will go even higher as non-PC gamers and console gamers might be enticed by Valve’s idea of being able to play their favorite games in their living room. What do you guys think? Anyone surprised by Steam’s growth?

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