vzw-shareIt was just yesterday when we mentioned how Verizon’s shared data plans would be on the receiving end of a new tier, and so here we are with the clock going past midnight, and Verizon has lifted the veil on their new Share Everything plans. Basically, Verizon intends to roll out a $20 shared data plan that offers just 250MB of data, where it will see a savings of approximately $20 off the base rate. In a nutshell, it would enable a solitary smartphone owner to fork out as little as $60 monthly for the entire full service, while a customer with a basic phone would fork out $50 per month.

Having said that, this is not exactly a plan that would see everyone flocking to Verizon Wireless in a jiffy. After all, the folks over at AT&T do offer a plan that has 300MB for a similar amount of money, while 250MB is not going to last the modern day smartphone user too long – perhaps just a single day if you are going to stream videos from sunrise to sunset. Such “light” data plans does have its niche market, but chances are most folks would settle for something more generous in terms of the data given, although they might pay a wee bit more. I myself am subscribed to an unlimited data plan – how about you? [Product Page]

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