Vine really took off this past year. The Twitter owned service lets users post six second videos, and there’s a loyal user base that uploads interesting clips. It did hit a hump last year when Facebook owned Instagram unveiled its Vine competitor, a feature called Video on Instagram. Vine’s stats dipped significantly but it continues to soldier on. In a major update, the folks at Vine have now introduced web profiles. Users can do just about anything through web profiles that they can do using Vine’s mobile applications, including follow users, like, comment and revine.

TV Mode is an exclusive feature that has been added to Vine on the web. Its a completely new way of watching those six second videos. In the upper right corner of the feed a TV Mode button is now displayed. Clicking on it will start the user’s entire collecting of vines in sequence and in full screen, thus offering a much more immersive experience. The team says that this is just the start, that they  are working to introduce a rich and more enjoyable experience on the web. More improvements that will be gradually rolled out later this year have been promised. Vine’s 40 million strong user base is probably going to love these new features.

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