warner-bros-piracy-rm-engDespite the best efforts of music labels and movie studios, fighting piracy online has proven to be an uphill battle. As soon as one site is taken down, another few more spring up in its place, almost as if the masses are eager to fill in the empty spot. Well it looks like Warner Bros. are looking to help beef up their anti-piracy team by looking for an IT expert to help them combat online piracy. According to the job listing posted by the company, they are seeking an individual to join their Content Protection and Analytics department, whose objective is to protect Warner Bros. intellectual property in film, TV, and games, and with a “primary focus on internet piracy in all of its forms”.

As it stands, Warner Bros. has sent about 1.9 million takedown requests to Google, although a good portion of it was sent by third party vendors as Warner Bros. simply does not have the time or resources to police the entire internet by themselves. No content with just taking down content, the position also calls for the individual to be skilled enough to develop solutions that are able to bypass link encryption, captchas, and FLASH. As TorrentFreak suggests, a good candidate for this position would be a former pirate themselves as they would know the tricks of the trade, although whether Warner Bros. would be more interested in hiring such an individual versus prosecuting them is another question. What do you guys think? Should Warner Bros. instead focus their efforts on finding a way to deter piracy rather than just fighting it head on?

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