warcraft_wowThere are many questions we’re sure fans and gamers have about the upcoming World of Warcraft movie. The movie is expected to begin filming this month and based on what we know so far, the movie will be less about what gamers know about the Warcraft franchise at the moment, but will instead go back to the roots of the original Warcraft game and focus more on the Orcs and Humans relationship. Given that Orcs and Humans are playable races in the game and the MMORPG, it would not be fair to demonize either side. In fact director Duncan Jones reportedly tried to balance the script as much as possible as the original felt too Alliance-heavy.

In any case one of the actors, Dominic Cooper of Captain America and Mamma Mia fame revealed some additional details about the upcoming movie, which he describes as having a very “human story”. According to Cooper, “People have savaged their own lands and their own environment and they’re having to find a new environment in which to move into through the hostility of others. If there’s something as poignant as that that we can relate to and that we see unfolding in everyday life, then it will make it a worthwhile story.” If anything it does sound like it is quite relatable and while it does sound good in concept, we have to wonder how it will translate into a movie.

Video game movies have received a pretty bad reputation as previous attempts have resulted in cringeworthy fests where not only did fans of the game not like the movie, but regular movie goers as well. Will Blizzard and Legendary Pictures be able to break that curse? We can only hope so. The World of Warcraft Movie has been scheduled for a release towards the early part of 2016.

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