xbox-one-sellerAh, the never ending sales figures fight between two bitter rivals has always been an interesting proposition to be in. Over the years, we have seen classics such as the NES vs Master System, the SNES vs Mega Drive, the N64 vs PSOne vs Dreamcast, and so on and so forth. Fast forward to today, and we have Microsoft announcing (proudly, I might add) that the Xbox One is the best selling console in December over in the US.

According to Microsoft, the figures that they revealed hailed from the NPD Group, where the Xbox One managed to sell sold close to a million units – 908,000 to be exact, in the US alone during the month of December. At the end of last year, worldwide sales of the Xbox One stood at more than 3 million units, while the eight year old Xbox 360 could still be considered as a force to be reckoned with – since it managed to sell 643,000 units in December as well, placing it in third position. No prizes for guessing which console resides in second place for December 2013! Let me give you a hint – it is the Xbox One’s existing rival, and it is manufactured by the folks over at Sony who thinks that they have the upper hand in this console war.

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