Ever since Google+ was baked into YouTube, the commenting system went through a radical change, ill-received change that became the subject of widespread criticism. Not only does the new system require using Google+ profiles to post a comment, but it also moved comment notices to alerts for video creators, making it harder for them to manage and keep track of comments being posted on their videos. In order to streamline the process, YouTube has now launched a new comment management page which lets users see, moderate and respond to comments from one single place.

This central page lets users easily remove comments or even flag them for spam or abuse. Users can also give a comment thumbs up and can even jump to the video watch page with one click in order to read and reply to comments there. The page lets users quickly toggle between comments that are pending channel manager approval, those marked as spam and those that have already been approved and published on the video page. In the near future, this page will be updated with more features, like ability to reply inline and expanding all replies. Content creators on YouTube can access the new comments management page at

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