youtube-new-logoYouTube, EA, and Microsoft among other parties were singled out this month after it became known that they were involved in paid video incentives, where both EA and Microsoft supposedly paid content creators to mention positive things concerning their games, which needless to say, sparked off various claims of bias. It is to the parties who are under fire that has experienced a certain level of redemption, where several personalities actually stepped up to ensure the situation is crystal clear – or at the very least, a whole lot less murky.

In the leaked incentive terms and conditions, it seems as though one was guaranteed a higher pay-per-view rate should a creator’s videos leave out issues such as glitches and various negative features. Just like how there are two sides to a coin, Battlefield personality LevelCapGaming wrote in a Reddit post, “I’m writing this response because someone needs to say something on the YouTubers’ behalf about what happened is happening with the situation regarding YouTubers getting paid to make videos of Battlefield and other games. This is not an apology. Most of the recent articles I have read regarding this subject talks about EA buying positive reviews and asking us to lie to our fan base about the state of Battlefield 4. Nothing could be further from the truth, and unfortunately these articles have been written to grab attention, so have dishonestly portrayed this situation as a scandal. Having been a part of several EA Ronku campaigns, I can tell you that at no point was I asked to lie or falsify my opinion of a game. EA is aware that asking people to do this is wrong and if you actually read the assignment documents that were leaked, EA never asks us to misinform people by only saying positive things about the game. I would love to disclose the actual campaigns to the public so you could see just how tame the requests were but I don’t have the authority to do so.Everything that I say in my Battlefield videos is genuine; no opinions are bought, and thus I didn’t feel the need to disclose that I was getting paid by EA to say what I want.”

There you go!

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