There is still some life left yet in the PS3 camera, so do not even think about ditching it at the moment. If you have always loved a spot of air hockey, then you would be more than pleased to hear that a designer decided to make use of parts from a 3D printer as well as a PS3 camera in order to construct a winning air hockey robot. I am quite sure that many of us air hockey fans would love to go up against this machine by Jose Julio, as this machine has proven itself to be so slick thanks to quick and accurate movements, that many an opponent has been left super frustrated.

In fact, this particular air hockey robot has been specially programmed to move across, back and forth the table, where it is also able to do its bit to compute just where the puck is likely to be aimed. Check out the YouTube video above in order to get a better idea on how this particular robot is able to react to every single move of yours, making you wonder whether it is actually psychic at times. Mr. Julio’s motivation to build this particular machine is because his daughter enjoyed playing air hockey, but did not have a ready opponent always.

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