ps_now2Back in CES 2014, Sony showed off PlayStation Now, a streaming service in which gamers will be able to stream games from the cloud instead of running it from their consoles. This would make it incredibly handy for times where the television might be in use and you want to stream the game onto an alternative device, like the PS Vita. The service has yet to be launched to the masses but Sony has recently sent out invites to a private beta testing and while we have yet to experience PlayStation Now ourselves, it seems that one analyst in particular, Michael Pachter, believes that the service is a “joke”.

According to Pachter, the reason he thinks PlayStation Now will fail is because he believes that third-party publishers will not be too pleased about the idea of putting content into the cloud service as it could impact sales, and that third-party titles that still have the potential of selling will not make it onto the service either, and if there are no games to choose from, gamers will shy away from the service, which is what we assume Pachter was leading up to. However as the service is still in beta, it’s hard to say if Pachter’s predictions will come true, although his point on how streaming affects sales is valid, but what do you guys think? Will PlayStation Now prove to be a killer feature of the PlayStation platform, or will it flop like how Pachter predicted?

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