steelseries_copyHave you ever wondered why accessories endorsed by Apple are so expensive? We can only assume that part of the reason is because manufacturers are trying to capitalize on the popularity of the iPhone/iPad, but at the same time the fault could be attributed to Apple as well who have made it expensive for manufacturers as well, as apparently licensing fees to create Made for iPhone (MFi) products can get pretty high as well. The good news is that there is a chance that future MFi products could see a price reduction as Macotakara has reported that Apple has lowered the licensing cost for MFi products.

Hopefully what this means is that future MFi products will be priced lower as their licensing costs would have dropped as well, although we’re guessing if companies wanted to maintain their prices, their profit margins would be higher which would undoubtedly work out in the company’s favor. Apple’s MFi program was launched back in 2005 (it was known as Made for iPod then) and was created to ensure that there was a certain degree of quality when it came to accessories for Apple’s iPhone, as well as to ensure that these manufacturers adhered to Apple’s supplier responsibility code, such as safe working environments, no hiring of underaged workers, and so on.

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