att-outside-logo-signIf there’s one thing we’re sure carriers are annoyed by, it would be instant messaging apps on smartphones. Prior to this, mobile users who wanted to send messages would have to use regular SMS or MMS if they wanted to include photos or videos.

Back in the day, each SMS or MMS would cost users money, but with instant messaging, all users would need is an internet connection and they could message anyone around the world as often as they’d like for free!

Carriers have attempted to fight back by offering up unlimited SMS, but let’s face it, the ability to send photos and videos to friends around the world in an instant and for free? That’s a bargain carriers would be hard pressed to provide, at least until now.

AT&T has announced a new plan in which customers would be able to send free international text messages. Starting from the 28th of February, AT&T subscribers will be able to send unlimited international text messages and MMS through traditional means.

There are certain stipulations, such as how the messages must originate from the user’s phone number and can only be sent between phones. There is also a fine print which reads that the “service may be terminated or restricted for tethered messaging, excessive international messaging or misuses.” So, do you guys think AT&T’s plan will make a dent in instant messaging apps?

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