Update – Imaging Resource has since updated their article. They state that after they had published their report that Canon had gotten in touch with them to say that despite what they were told, Canon USA has no plans to sell the EOS M2 at this point in time. We guess that while Go Tokura did state that there are plans, perhaps they aren’t concrete plans and could perhaps be more of something Canon would like to do, as opposed to something that they are in the process of doing. We’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for now, but in the meantime, sorry to disappoint!

Back in 2013, Canon announced the EOS M2. The camera is the successor to the EOS M, Canon’s first attempt at going mirrorless, which safe to say left a lot to be desired, some of which was addressed in the EOS M2, namely its autofocus system.

In any case while the camera was announced, it seems that the device was limited to Japan at that time, leaving many wondering if Canon had plans to ever bring it to the US or Europe for that matter. Well the good news is that yes, Canon will be bringing it to the US although there is no word on when that will be.

This is according to an interview that Canon executive, Go Tokura, did with Imaging Resource. When asked about whether or not the EOS M2 would see a release stateside, Tokura was quoted as saying, “There are plans for the M2 to arrive in the U.S,” although he did not mention anything about Europe for now.

Apparently the initial hesitation to bring the camera stateside and to Europe was due to the fact that the EOS M did not sell as well as Canon had hoped. This meant that there was a lot of stock left for retailers, so it is unsure what Canon might do to address this.

Either way we’ll be keeping an eye out for a US release, so do check back with us at a later date for the details. In the meantime who else is looking forward to getting their hands on the Canon EOS M2?

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