Back in the day, computer games were relatively straightforward, which we guess is partly thanks to the fact that most of them were offline games. Additional content would be released as an expansion set, but now thanks to the internet being more widely available, a lot more stable, and a lot more faster, DLCs is a good way for developers to create new content on an more frequent basis and offer them up to gamers in smaller and sometimes more affordable chunks. Well it turns out that DLCs is something of a moneymaker, especially for the folks at Capcom who have recently announced their quarterly earnings.

According to the company, they have revealed that DLCs account for about 15-16% of sales in the consumer games business, and the company believes that the number will rise in the future as well. In other news Capcom has also revealed that digital downloads of games have more than doubled over the last one year, which is a great sign for the company. It’s interesting that DLCs are starting to make more money, although we have a feeling that paying for DLCs could end up being more pricey than the cost of a single expansion set. However the upside is that due to DLCs being smaller, they can be released on a more frequent basis to satisfy gamers, but what do you guys think? Are you an advocate of DLCs or would you prefer expansion sets like in the good old days?

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