white-xbox-one-controllerThe gaming web got all excited when rumors of a more affordable “all digital” Xbox One without a Blu-Ray disc would arrive to the market. Unfortunately for Xbox One fans in search of a good deal, Microsoft has confirmed that it has no intention of delivering such a console. Microsoft’s Aaron (Chief of Staff for Devices and Studios Group at Microsoft) has killed the rumor with a tweet: “No, you cannot believe everything you read on the internet…”



Since many people like to “have the option” of using their game console as a Blur-Ray player, and that discs are a key element in trading games, it seems very unlikely that this was a good idea to start with, especially to address a market that seeks a more affordable console. Removing Kinect would have a better solution, but this seems off the table as well for now, since developer may have developed a reliance on it (or not?).

Instead buyers who would not mind having a digital-only Xbox One would more likely be folks who live in expensive cities where the Internet connection is potentially super-fast (well, unless you are in one of those Google-fiber towns…). What do you think? Would an all-digital Xbox One make a difference to the competitive landscape?

I think that the hypothetical Titan Fall special edition of the Xbox One and other Halo special editions and exclusive games are much more likely to affect the balance of power which is currently tilting towards PS4. Some Industry insiders have already claimed that PS4 has won the war, but this is a long game, so who knows?

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