Siri Eyes Free is a feature that Apple unveiled a while ago in the Chevy Sonic and Spark (just to name a few vehicles participating in this program). This basically introduced Siri into vehicles where it allowed the driver to press a button their steering wheel in order to activate Apple’s voice assistant feature without having to look at their phone. From there, the driver will be able to instruct Siri to perform a variety of tasks, such as reading out emails or messages that they have received, once again, without having to touch their phone. This is undoubtedly a great safety feature but at the same time, a recent ad for the Chevy Equinox has shown that perhaps having Siri integrated into your car can lead to awkward and humorous situations.

The ad basically shows a man and his wife/girlfriend in the car where she asks him how his night went, in which he replied very nonchalantly, but only to have Siri “rat” him out via his messages. The ad was designed to be humorous but at the same time makes you wonder if Siri Eyes Free is really a feature you would want to use in a car full of friends, family, or co-workers, where there might be some messages/topics that you don’t want to be broadcasted to the entire car.

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