keurigThere are a couple of ways to make your own soda at home. You could buy a bottle of carbonated water and add some syrup flavoring of your choice and ta-dah, you’re done! Alternatively you could get SodaStream, although that would require the change of CO2 cartridges, but if you were looking for something more hassle-free, you might be interested to learn that Coca-Cola has announced that they will be purchasing a 10% stake in Green Mountan Coffee Roasters, the parent company of Keurig who is known for their coffee makers and K-Cups.

This investment will allow Coca-Cola to reap the profits from Keurig’s upcoming soda maker, Keurig Cold. Unlike the SodaStream, Keurig Cold will not require the user to change CO2 cartridges, but how exactly does it carbonate your drink remains unknown for now. The Keurig Cold machine will be able to make sodas and sports drinks all from the comfort of your own home, but since we haven’t tried it out ourselves, we can’t speak for its taste. By partnering up with Coca-Cola, Keurig will have another advantage over SodaStream who did not exactly have the same big-name brand recognition that Keurig has. Pricing has not been announced but the Keurig Cold is expected to se a release in the fall.

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