coda-ev-sunset-ebayCan you find anything and everything on eBay? Apparently so, even the new all-electric Coda Sedan. Wait a minute here, why would one want to go to eBay to buy a brand new car, when you can easily walk into a dealership and drive away with one? Well, perhaps the fact that Coda Automotive went bankrupt in May last year has something to do with such a predicament, and it has led all of the leftover stock of Coda Cars’ EVs to be sold at “a substantial discount” to those who were interested. I suppose this is a bargain buy if there ever was one from Coda Cars, with the Coda Sedan going for $37,250, down sharply from the original $44,900 sticker price tag. However, Coda Cars even had a Coda EV on eBay that ended at a mere $14,000, picking up 24 bids along the way, making it worth way below the reserve price.

According to Rick Curtis, a Coda dealer previously who is working with Coda Cars now, “We put a Coda on eBay from time to time but most of the time we are selling these from our website or referrals.We have been selling complete cars, gliders and a few rollers and have even been selling components to buyers worldwide.” [eBay Listing]

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