dell-osxApple’s MacBooks have always been nicely designed and despite what detractors say about OS X, laptop OEMs have no trouble attempting to copy the look and design of the MacBook but tossing Windows onboard instead. Well it seems that in a little advertising snafu, Dell has accidentally advertised its Dell XPS 15 laptop that shows the computer running both Windows 8 and OS X! Given that the laptop was not designed to run OS X, this is obviously a mistake and an example of when marketing/advertising gets a little too creative to the point where it becomes a little unbelievable.

The video which was hosted on Dell’s YouTube page has since been taken down (the reuploaded video can be found on The Verge’s website). The video was actually hosted on its page for a little over a month so we’re actually surprised it was not taken down sooner. The video depicts the XPS 15 being used for creative purposes and in an attempt to show the laptop’s features, it showed off how the laptop would be able to swap between Windows 8’s Start Screen and an app that looks like it’s running in OS X. This is evident in the menu bar as well as the buttons in the app itself which are distinctly that of the OS X flavor. No word on Dell about the marketing hiccup but perhaps the removal of the ad from its YouTube page is enough.

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