Facebook recently turned 10 and to celebrate that milestone it showed off its data mining prowess by letting users automatically generate “Look Back” movies. To create these movies, the world’s largest social network takes many parameters into account and then comes up with a short movie that features a users’ most popular photos uploaded throughout their time on Facebook. Not all of its more than one billion users like the automatically generated movies, some believed that the pictures were not quite representative of what they are now as opposed to what they were a few years ago. At first it was just rumors that Facebook will launch an editor to end these complaints, but now its official. You can easily edit Facebook Look Back movie using the new editor.

The Facebook Look Back page now features an edit button. Simply click on this button to select photos and posts from pre-populated sections, the content is automatically suggested by Facebook. Once content is selected, just click on Update and wait for a couple of minutes as Facebook generates your new Look Back movie. Its pretty straight forward, so even novice users will be able to get this done without facing any difficulties. How many of you didn’t like your original Facebook Look Back movies?

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