facebook_logoYou might be a company like Facebook which is huge enough to spend a whopping $19 billion on an app like WhatsApp ($16 billion in cash and stock, with an additional $3 billion in restricted stock for WhatsApp employees) would not be able to put a foot wrong. Actually, no company is infallible, since there are humans running the show from behind. Remember Facebook’s email service? It seems that the social network giant is going to retire its email service, having begun to notify users that all of the email which was sent to the @facebook.com address will eventually be forwarded to the primary email address on file.

Of course, Facebook users have the option of turning off the forwarding feature that has been turned on by default if they so desire. Those who do not actually have a primary email address on Facebook will be unable to receive any forwarded messages, which is a no-brainer, actually. A Facebook spokesperson said, “Most people have not been using their @facebook.com email address.” Goodbye Facebook email, we hardly knew ye. So much for an app that seemed to hold plenty of promise when it was first introduced to the masses! Ah well, all of this would be part of the growing pains within a company.

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