fcc-speed-testAh, privacy issues. These have always been at the heart of many a citizen for quite a long time already, where we would love to have a certain degree of autonomy and privacy in our respective lives without having Big Brother poke its nose in. Well, this would mean that having to download an app from the federal government being pretty low, or non-existent, on your list of priorities at this point in time. Still, here is something which you might want to explore – the FCC Speed Test app for the iOS platform offers a different perspective when it comes to connectivity benchmarks for the iPhone and iPad devices.

The FCC Speed Test for iOS will no doubt be a free download, where it will also offer benefits to the government’s Measuring Broadband America program. Do bear in mind, however, opting for this app would help enable the FCC to build out a public database of network performance throughout the country. It will be different from the Android version, as this iOS app will not perform any kind of tests when it comes to the connection’s performance in the background, so you will have to manually run it to check out just how well your Wi-Fi or cellular connection is holding up.

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