felino-cb7Have plenty of money but do not quite know just where and how you are going to spend it? Flashy cars might be a good idea to splash your hard earned money, and there are so many different brands that one can choose from. Here is a relative newcomer to the scene – Felino Corp.’s cB7 which will feature a powerful 6.2-liter V8 underneath the hood, where it comes with an aggressive style that packs some serious muscle which should allow you to burn rubber in a jiffy.


The Felino cB7 is capable of churning out 489 foot-pounds of torque, as it is paired with a six-speed manual transmission that comes in a composite and carbon fiber frame. The dashboard itself is also made out of carbon fiber, where it has been specially outfitted with an onboard data-acquisition system that will most probably play nice with both rear and side-view cameras, letting it offer you, the rich driver, impressive replays of your latest runs around the track.

There aren’t any details concerning actual acceleration and top speed as at press time, but this Canadian supercar will feature optional V6 and V4 models, with rumors of an electric vehicle version as well. Felino claims that the starting sticker price will be under $100,000 a pop, which is not the cheapest ride in the world, but when you compare it to other supercars, it packs quite a punch for its buck.

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