Fish walking around on land? That is a situation that evolutionists believe happened in the past, before they lost their legs and lived in the seas and bodies of water for good. Here is the Fish On Wheels creation by Dutch design studio Diip, allowing your beloved pet fish to go around wherever they like without you, the pesky human, bossing them about. The Fish On Wheels tank would be placed on a four-wheeled cart that is powered by a tiny electric motor. An Arduino processor will be connected to a camera, with the latter capable of sensing the fishes’ position against the white base of the tank as it looks down. whenever the fish make their way to the front of the tank, the motor will move the entire “vehicle” forward, and the same applies when these fish move to the back. Swimming to the right side would mean the steering will start to veer to the right, and vice versa.

Considering how fish swim in circles, up and about in a tank, you can expect Fish On Wheels to be extremely random in its movement when left alone, and I think it would be better to put in slow moving goldfish in there for a less hectic experience. Not only that, will the constant moving of the tank cause unnecessary stress to the fish inside?

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