Unlike Android, Apple’s iOS platform does not simply allow for users to change the default keyboard at whim. In fact for the most part, most iOS apps use the default Apple keyboard which in all honesty is a great keyboard, but at the same time who doesn’t like a bit of variety, right? Back in mid-2013, we had heard word that Android keyboard, Fleksy, could soon be making its way onto iOS devices and sure enough it did. The beta for released back in 2013 and we saw Fleksy arrive onto apps like Wordbox, Google Voice Connect, and Blindsquare. Now the good news is that Fleksy has since come out of beta, meaning that it will now be available to developers around the world who might wish to implement the Fleksy keyboard as an alternative in their iOS apps.

According to Ioannis Verdelis, COO of Fleksy, “We’re very excited to finally make our SDK available to hundreds of thousands of developers around the world. We learned a lot from the private beta and today’s release brings the most beautiful, streamlined 3rd-party keyboard experience yet for iOS” This was followed up by Kosta Eleftheriou, CEO of Fleksy, who added, “Today’s launch is a significant milestone for us. Within just a few days, thousands of developers can bring the magic of Fleksy into their apps, for free. We can’t wait to see the response of the developer community and see Fleksy become a standard feature of every app.”

Of course we’re not sure if Apple will appreciate having a bunch of apps running different types of keyboard as it does destroy the uniformity that one expects from iOS apps. Not to mention we’re sure there are users out there who would rather not have to learn a new keyboard. At the same time, perhaps with the inclusion of Fleksy, more users might be tempted to give Apple’s iOS platform a go. Either way it will be interesting to see what doors will be opened up with this, but we’re pretty excited! Who else is looking forward to more Fleksy integration in the future?

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