Smartwatches are nifty little wearable devices, and while consumers aren’t exactly picking them up like hot cakes, there appears to be a significant amount of interest in the evolution of this technology. At this point in time, these devices are primarily used to displaying notifications or handling calls. Navigation is one such area where smartwatches can be of use. Pocketlint has learnt that Garmin and Sony are set to announce a new navigation app for the Sony SmartWatch 2, this app is said to offer directions for users on the move.

The report claims that this application will be launched ahead of Mobile World Congress 2014 in Barcelona, which kicks off in about four days. Obviously it won’t be a full blown navigation app, the kind you’ll find on a smartphone or a tablet, the smartwatch simply won’t be able to handle that. While it hasn’t seen the app, this scribe claims that the app will give pedestrian navigation directions, thus making it easier for users to navigate on foot, while eliminating the need to take the phone out of the pocket every now and then. Garmin and Sony haven’t commented on this report as yet, but seeing as how MWC 2014 is just around the corner, it wouldn’t be long till they unveil the app, if they have one to show that is.

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