Thanks to the creativity of developers out there, there are all sorts of games that one might be able to find and play, although recently we have to say that Goat Simulator has to be one of the more bizarre titles that we have come across lately. The game was originally designed to be a game jam where the developers were just messing around with programming, but apparently once the internet had caught wind of the footage, chaos ensued as everyone started asking the developers, Coffee Stain Studios, to make it a reality and put it up for download/sale.

At that time the developers made no promises, but the good news is that if you wanted something a little unusual, Coffee Stain Studios has come through and has since announced that Goat Simulator will indeed be made into a real game where it is expected to go up for sale on Steam and will cost $9.99. For those interested, you can go ahead and place your pre-orders and you guys will be eligible to access the game a good 3 days before everyone else does upon its release. In the meantime if you want to see if the game is worth your $9.99, be sure to check out the video above for the trailer.

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