google-barge-moveA couple of days ago, we did bring you word that the Google Barge would not be docked at the San Francisco Bay island for long, and it seems that particular statement has held true. In fact, the highly mysterious Google Barge is now making its way to the Port of Stockton that is located approximately 129 kilometers on the east of San Francisco in order to comply with an order that requires it to make its base elsewhere. According to the agency that is leasing the Treasure Island space where the barge is being built, this four-story vessel is headed for Stockton. The Google Barge was originally supposed to make its way out only next month, at least that is what Mirian Saez, director of operations for the Treasure Island Development Authority, mentioned.

While better late than never applies, I suppose it does not hurt as well to be early, don’t you think so? Both Google Inc. as well as the Port of Stockton did not provide an immediate response when it comes to comments. Why must the Google Barge make way? Apparently, a January 31 regulatory order came to the conclusion that Google lacked the necessary building permits at Treasure Island, and hence, it needed to find a new home.

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