currentsFor those unfamiliar, Google Currents is one of the lesser-known services offered by Google, and rightfully so as there are many better alternatives out there, such as Flipboard. This is why we guess it does not come as a real surprise to learn that Google has officially killed of Google Currents with the latest update to the app. For those who have updated or who are planning on updating the app to version 2.3, launching the app now will just present users with a screen telling them that Google Play Newsstand has since replaced Currents, and provides users with a link to launch the Newsstand app.

Also according to the folks at Android Police, it seems that Google will also be doing you a favor and clean up after itself. This was discovered by Android Police dug into the code of Google Currents and found that the latest update will essentially help to clear app storage after launching Newsstand, which we guess is a pretty nice thing for Google to do. After cleaning itself up, the app then disables itself. For those who wish to keep the app around, you can go ahead and do so but it doesn’t do anything anymore, unless you want it for nostalgic purposes. For those who wish to delete it, we recommend you go right ahead and do that if you’re hoping to free up some space on your phone. Of course the alternative is that you keep Google Currents the way it is and not update it, but all good things must come to an end, eventually.

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