A few months back mystery barges appeared at Pier 1 of Treasure Island in San Francisco as well as Maine harbour, leading to widespread speculation about the ownership of these structures. Some believed Google was behind the project, and that these barges will essentially function as a “floating showroom for Google Glass.” The company then confirmed that it was behind the barges, but merely classified them as interactive learning spaces. The barge docked at Pier 1 has now been ordered by the State of California to move.

Executive director of the San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission, Larry Goldzband, said that “it needs to move.” Apparently Google has still not secured the relevant permits for construction at the site. The commission’s investigation revealed that neither Treasure Island Development Authority nor the city of San Francisco had applied for required permits, the lapse in judgement may result into fines and enforcement proceedings. Google won’t have to go into the middle of the ocean to build its barge though, a state official tells CBC news that it can simply move the barge into permitted construction facilities in the San Francisco Bay. Its been months since the barges were first sighted and so far Google has not revealed just why its dumping presumably so much money into this project.

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