google-play-music-radioAh, the Internet. It is a repository of knowledge and data, not to mention entertainment as our data pipes get ever fatter and fatter at a lowered price point. For those of you who have enjoyed Google Play Music’s radio stations immensely, but do not have the luxury of being within the vicinity of a decent Internet connection at all times, here is some good news for you. Apparently, the Google Play Music 5.4 update would deliver the offline radio station caching ability, which means you will still be able to enjoy fresh tunes even if you are stuck in the middle of nowhere and do not have access to a decent Internet connection.

The latest Android app update would allow you to pin entire stations to your device, which would guarantee a fresh set of tunes at all times. This software upgrade will let you remotely manage the devices which are able to access your collection, in addition to a “play next” command that will queue up a song that you would want to hear. It does not seem as though the new Play Music software is available across the board just yet, but those who are impatient can always download the installer here.

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