malwareIt is safe to say that Android is probably the most popular smartphone operating system at the moment. That also makes them a very nice and juicy target for hackers who have in the past released malware that specifically targets the operating system. That being said, such malware reports are becoming less frequent these days.

That being said, does the fact that Google’s choice to make Android open source a reason why there are more malware attacks? After all if hackers are allowed to inspect the code, they will be able to find loopholes and exploits that they can use to hack their way in. However Google’s Sundar Pichai begs to differ during an event at MWC 2014.

According to PIchai, he actually believes that Android’s openness is the reason why he thinks it’s actually more secure. In a transcript of the event obtained by TechCrunch, Pichai was quoted as saying, “Open platforms historically undergo a lot of scrutiny, but there are a lot of advantages to having an open source platform from a security standpoint. I would argue that it’s the best way for a platform to be secure, because every researcher in the world can inspect it, every developer in the world can inspect it, and I think that contributes a lot to Android security.”

He also adds that it is because of fragmentation and the fact that OEMs either ship out of date software or take too long to update, which is why security is not as tight as it should be. “As long as you’re on a phone and able to update, Android is very very secure. It’s designed to be very very secure.”

Pichai was also pragmatic when he addressed the topic as to why Android is a more favored target by hackers and malware compared to other platforms. “When you say numbers like 90% of malware is targeting Android, you know, I hate to point out that if you’re a smart business person running this malware company, that’s what you should do.” So, what do you guys make of this?

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