halo-2-anniversarySo according to our report from earlier, it seems that Microsoft might have some new Halo news to share at E3 2014. Could it be about Halo 5? Could it involve Halo 2 Anniversary? It could be both, but the fact that Phil Spencer mentioned 343 Industries has us believing it could be related to Halo 5.

In any case additional details about Halo 5 have been revealed, according to a report from MP1st who reported on the details thanks to the cover of the Official Xbox Magazine which was spotted on Reddit.

Based on the report, it has been suggested that Halo 5 will be released this year which is in line with what we have heard in the past. It also contradicts an earlier rumor which suggested that the game might be delayed until 2015, something which we’re sure gamers don’t want.

Interestingly enough it seems that Halo 5 might not necessarily be the final name of the game. The report claims that personnel working at the studio has referred to the game as Halo for Xbox One rather than Halo 5. We’re not sure why they would want to discontinue the naming scheme, but it’s not official yet so we’ll try not to speculate too much at this point.

Now there is even better news because if the reports are to be believed, a multiplayer beta of Halo 5 will be released this year as well ahead of the final launch, giving gamers a chance to experience some parts of the game ahead of schedule, and also to work out any bugs the developers might have missed.

Either way this is something we’re sure many gamers are looking forward to, so hopefully we will learn more about the game and some of its features soon. Until then gamers can mark their calendars for E3 2014 where Microsoft will be sharing some official news as well.

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