Who uses Internet Explorer any more these days? All right, you need not answer this particular question since it is a rhetorical one, but it seems that Internet Explorer 11 has been allegedly teased in a video on a Windows Phone 8.1-powered device. It is said that Windows Phone 8.1 will offer a major improvement for Windows Phone owners, where it ought to be able to fix just about all of the complaints that consumers have concerning the mobile operating system. Of course, Microsoft has also taken the step to include Internet Explorer 11 in the update, which will come with its fair share of new features to boot.


It is said that one of the first few noticeable things in the leaked footage would be the ‘Stop’ and ‘Refresh’ buttons that are located within the address bar. Those who have spent their fair share of time with the reader mode in Safari for iOS should then be pleased as punch when seeing this addition appear on Internet Explorer for Windows Phone. This particular feature would let users read through content on websites without having to go through extra visual clutter.

Other highlights about Internet Explorer 11 include the use of JavaScript and HTML for app development, the ability to upload files via Internet Explorer 11 itself, tabs that show up individually in a multi-task window, apart from YouTube Player that has HTML5 video support among others. Are you stoked yet?

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