xstatI have watched “The Lone Survivor” and cringe at the way the brave men in the movie are willing to jump down a cliff, equipment and all, just to avoid capture and possible torture with the very real possibility of a beheading, hurting themselves a whole lot in the process. At least these are self-inflicted wounds, and it buys them some time from the Taliban insurgents. Not only that, the various bullet wounds that then small band of brothers received were not treated on the spot – if only there was an invention which could help seal up those bullet wounds in a jiffy. Thankfully, the future on the battlefield might change for the better if a group of veteran medics and scientists are successful with their latest invention – a syringe which is filled with tiny sponges that are capable of stopping the bleeding in gunshot wounds, doing it in a jiffy and with far more effectiveness compared to any other modern method. Looking to Fix-A-Flat foam that was used for instant tire repair, RevMedx intends to come up with something similar for wounds, allowing it to soak up all the existing bleeding as well as to prevent additional bleeding.

RevMedx was granted $5 million by the U.S. Army in order to come up with this potentially life saving device in the future. Administrating such sponges into the body would require a syringe which injects the tiny pieces of sponge directly into the wound, and it is currently awaiting FDA approval.

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